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 Hello, Internet world!

I have been thinking of starting my own blog  since I became a mom (2016 lang naman), figured, why don’t I share my journey with others then, them back. But, as we all know being a mom takes a lot of your time. 2017 went by really quick. I had to juggle being a breastfeeding mom (who’s super super lazy to pump, so I had to take T all the time with me) and putting up our 2nd baby, The Reading House! (Shameless Plugging: Check out our website,too ;p)  

Anywho…what’s important is the now! This 2018, I plan to wear as many hats as I can!  

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Smart Parenting Website Feature

Child Struggling With Reading and Writing? He May Have Dyslexia

Excerpt from the write-up...

In  specialized schools and learning centers, children with dyslexia are  typically guided using a multisensory approach. It means that a lot of  the senses -- specifically seeing, hearing and touch or movement -- are  utilized to help kids learn letters, sounds and words.  To learn a letter, for example, a teacher would show a child what the  letter looks like, help a child associate it with a sound, and ask the  child to write in the air with a finger then trace it on paper. 

The Reading House
Richbelt Tower, Annapolis St., San Juan
The  Reading House is a literacy center that aims to help children with  learning disabilities. A formal reading assessment is first conducted,  then an individualized reading program is designed to address the  child's specific literary needs. “Aside from employing the multi-sensory  approach in our reading programs, we also cater to children who are  at-level with their current academic demands but want to hone their  reading skills,” said Taino. 

TRH Goes to DWDD AM Radio to discuss Literacy Disabilities

The Reading House PH goes live on-air with DWDD Katropa AM Radio 1134 to spread awareness about Literacy Disabilities and Difficulties such as Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.  


TRH Owners - Marky and Teacher D
DJ - Karina Ramos  
Video from Digital Filipina -