TRH Goes to DWDD AM Radio to discuss Literacy Disabilities

The Reading House PH goes live on-air with DWDD Katropa AM Radio 1134 to spread awareness about Literacy Disabilities and Difficulties such as Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.  


TRH Owners - Marky and Teacher D
DJ - Karina Ramos  
Video from Digital Filipina - 

Smart Parenting Website Feature

Child Struggling With Reading and Writing? He May Have Dyslexia

Excerpt from the write-up...

In  specialized schools and learning centers, children with dyslexia are  typically guided using a multisensory approach. It means that a lot of  the senses -- specifically seeing, hearing and touch or movement -- are  utilized to help kids learn letters, sounds and words.  To learn a letter, for example, a teacher would show a child what the  letter looks like, help a child associate it with a sound, and ask the  child to write in the air with a finger then trace it on paper. 

The Reading House
Richbelt Tower, Annapolis St., San Juan
The  Reading House is a literacy center that aims to help children with  learning disabilities. A formal reading assessment is first conducted,  then an individualized reading program is designed to address the  child's specific literary needs. “Aside from employing the multi-sensory  approach in our reading programs, we also cater to children who are  at-level with their current academic demands but want to hone their  reading skills,” said Taino.