What is Dysgraphia?

The Reading House explains what Dysgraphia in this short Video. 

My child is having a hard time reading. I don't know what the problem is. What can I do?

The Reading House conducts a Literacy Diagnosis to pinpoint the specific reading difficulty your child is having. 

How can I avail of the Literacy Diagnosis?

1. As soon as you get in touch with The Reading House, we will conduct an interview with you for us to find out which of our formal assessments will be most valid for your child’s literacy needs.  

2. Once you have decided to push through with the Literacy Diagnosis, we will give you a schedule.  Before your schedule, we need you to prepare your child by giving them the proper mindset that would take off the pressure from the assessment.  

4. On the assigned Literacy Diagnosis schedule, expect that the assessment will run for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Students will be given a 15 -minute break in between.  

5. After the Literacy Diagnosis, the    assessor will give you a schedule of a sit-down meeting where you will be given a comprehensive written report.   

What will the Literacy Diagnosis Cover?

The Litearcy Diagnosis will cover all the subskills of namely:

  • Letter/Word Identification
  • Phonetic Analysis 
  • Reading Vocabulary
  • Meaningful Reading
  • Writing Skills

What is the next step after Literacy Diagnosis?

During your sit-down meeting with the assessor, you will be recommended to undergo a Reading Intervention program where your child's need will be addressed. The Reading Intervention is a one-on-one remediation that runs for 20 hours. 

How long does my child have to attend the Reading Intervention before I can see improvements?

There is no fixed time. The performance of your child during the Reading Intervention will solely determine how long your child have to undergo the program. 

How would I be updated of the progress of my child?

At the end of each program, your child's reading interventionist will give you a comprehensive progress report detailing your child's performance throughout the program. 


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