Our Story

The Reading House is a brainchild of a couple who both loves reading growing up but both had their own share of struggles that went along with it. She is a seasoned teacher and he is an executive in the line of sales and marketing in the IT industry. As new parents, they want to pass onto their little one (and possibly more in the future ) their love for reading, without the struggles that came along with it as they were growing up. Being a teacher of literacy, she had years of training and actual teaching of children who learn differently. This and the couple’s ever-growing appetite for reading gave birth to The Reading House.   

About Us

What is The Reading House?

The Reading House is a Literacy Center that aims to help children with Learning Disabilities and Difficulties through technology. The services of The Reading House covers all the sub skills of reading in order for the child to read continuous passages meaningfully through our digital multi-sensory program with the use of a web-based application called ISPIRE.   

Why help kids with Learning Disabilities?

We chose to help these kids because as a teacher, each child learns differently which is why I believe that no child should be left behind in learning.  

Teacher D.

What are tech tools that you use for your business?

Our competitive advantage is we use a Digital Multi-Sensory Program. The name of the application is ISPIRE

ISPIRE fleshes out all the sub skills of reading to assure an optimum learning experience for its users. 

The Reading House is the 1st and only Literacy Center to use a web-based app to aid Reading Intervention to kids with Learning Disabilities. 

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