Guaranteed Results!

Our Reading Programs has been recommended by big schools such as La Salle Green Hills, Poveda and O.B. Montessori.

We guaranty improvement on 

✔ widening the child’s vocabulary

✔ strengthening the child’s oral reading and spelling skills

✔ increasing the child’s overall comprehension 


Who We Are?

The Reading House started by helping children with Learning Disabilities through our Reading  Programs. 

We advocate for equal learning opportunities for all children. Our center believes that each child has its own learning style and the school should be the place where they can discover their own. 

How did We Start?


The Reading House Preschool and Literacy Center  is a brainchild of a couple, Teacher D and Mark, who both love reading growing up. Teacher D is a seasoned teacher and Mark is an executive in the line of sales and marketing in the IT industry. As new parents, they want to pass onto their little one (and possibly more in the future ) their love for reading. Being a teacher of literacy, Teacher D had years of training and actual teaching of children who learn differently. This and the couple’s ever-growing appetite for reading gave birth to The Reading House.   

Mission, Vision and Values



To provide a Progressive Education as well as help Students with Learning Disabilities to become mindful and critical readers.


To become a leader in providing Progressive Education worldwide.




Knowledgeable, Caring Teachers

Customer Service


Why We Help Kids with Learning Disabilities?


The Reading House

We chose to help kids who learn differently because we understand that each child learns differently . We believe that no child should be left behind in learning.  

The Reading House consists of a community with a single goal, to produce students who are humane, socially aware, honest and critical thinkers. We maintain a close connection with families and society in order for our students to thrive with positive growth and development. 

When you choose The Reading House for your child you are guaranteed…

– That we follow a curriculum that adheres to international standards of Early Childhood Education. Our curriculum is designed to target each child’s cognitive, socio-emotional and physical aspects of development.

– A progressive approach in which the child is the director of all learning scenarios and the teachers stands as facilitator and a guide.

– A diverse faculty and staff that are trained to identify each child’s learning style in order to provide learning opportunities that are developmentally appropriate.

– A center that is safe, secure, fun and carefully designed to ensure your child’s learning needs


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