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Who we Are

The Reading House Literacy Center

We at The Reading House believe that each child learns differently and reading plays an important role in any learning process.

The Reading House Literacy Center aims to prepare, support and enable children (ages 3-18) to become effective, mindful and critical readers using technology.


Our Story

The Reading House is a brainchild of a couple who both loves reading growing up but both had their own share of struggles that went along with it. She is a seasoned teacher and he is an executive in the line of sales and marketing in the IT industry. As new parents, they want to pass onto their little one (and possibly more in the future ) their love for reading, without the struggles that came along with it as they were growing up. Being a teacher of literacy, she had years of training and actual teaching of children who learn differently. This and the couple’s ever-growing appetite for reading gave birth to The Reading House.   

What is Learning Disability?

A learning disability is an area of weakness or inefficiency in brain function that significantly hinders our ability to learn. It is a pattern of neurological dysfunction in the brain that causes a person to have difficulty correctly receiving information (perception), correctly processing information (cognition/thinking), or satisfactorily responding to information (written and verbal expression, visual-motor coordination, memory, etc.). 

-NILD (National Institute of Learning Development)

Digital Multi - Sensory Structured Program

It is a structured and  instructional  method of reading and writing (including spelling) using Auditory (hearing), Visual (sight) and Kinesthetic (movement/touch) pathways using digital devices and web-based applications (ISPIRE). Its success-oriented  and step-by-step approach has proved to help children with learning difficulties avoid the feeling of frustration.  


Our Digital Reading Intervention program is a multi-sensory program that works on all the sub-skills of reading. It trains a learner to read meaningfully as the child also develops accuracy and fluency. 

The Reading House believes that technology greatly impacts a child’s facility to learn. We use a research - based digital program (iSPIRE) that is tested to engage a learner more.

TRH Goes to DWDD AM Radio to discuss Literacy Disabilities

The Reading House PH goes live on-air with DWDD Katropa AM Radio 1134 to spread awareness about Literacy Disabilities and Difficulties such as Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.  


TRH Owners - Marky and Deidre 

DJ - Karina Ramos  

Video from Digital Filipina - 


The Reading House has been featured in a write-up about dyslexia by


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